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What is Appointo?

'Appointo' is an Appointment Booking App in Shopify, which aims to save time in scheduling services(both for Shopify merchants and customers), accelerate appointment sales, and improve service quality. Please find the Initial Onboarding and setup video below:

Features Offered:

Group Appointments:
Allowing multiple customers to book the same slot. Have 10 customers who are looking to book a 9 AM slot for a service? Book all of them in!

Single/Multi-day events

Custom Questions :
Want to know more about a customer, before they make the booking? We do support Custom Questions to collect relevant information, if needed, before an appointment, to service appointments better.

Manage Bookings from our iOS/Android apps or web:
You will be able to manage all the settings for your store.

Customer booking portals through which customers can manage their bookings.

Automated Email/Text/WhatsApp reminders for confirmation, rescheduling and cancellation. ​

Supports all themes. Also, Automatically translates the contents to the store language. ​

Multi-Language Support: Our system automatically translates to your store's primary language. Currently we support 20+ languages. ​

Supported Languages are: 
"ar": Arabic
"bg": Bulgarian
"ca": Catalan
"da": Danish
"es": Spanish
"fi": Finnish
"fr": French
"id": Indonesian
"it": Italian
"ja": Japanese
"ms": Malay
"nl": Dutch
"pt": Portuguese
"ro": Romanian
"sk": Slovak
"sv": Swedish
"th": Thai
"vi": Vietnamese
"en": English
"de": German
"is": Icelandic
"no": Norwegian
"lv": Latvian
"zh-tw": Traditional Chinese

If your language is not supported, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], and if feasible, 
we will add the support for the language in 24-48 business hours.

Manage one-time and recurring booking subscriptions through our subscription feature.​

Automated meeting links:
For Google Meet/Zoom sessions: The system automatically generates a link and sends it to the customer.

Advanced features:
Prevention of last-minute appointments(Invitees can't schedule within), blocking unavailable dates, setting time intervals based on store preferences, opening the calendar for specific dates, tags(for salon businesses). ​

Modern Interface:
Completely based on, and in-tune with Shopify interface, so that you never feel out of place when managing your appointments/configuration. ​

You can create workflows to send tailored/curated texts/emails to your customers, based on certain conditions and also workflows can be curated separately for each product, so you can be selective about the content. ​

Blocking Certain Days:
In case, you are out of town, or on vacation and do not want customers to book for some days, you can easily block out dates through Appointo.

Supported Integrations:

Google Calendar Integration with two-way sync. [Also, automated meeting link generation]

Outlook Calendar Integration with two-way sync.

Zoom Integration [Automated meeting link generation]

Supported on Shopify POS.

PageFly Integration.

Best fit for:

Stores which offer services(Coaching, Classes, Workshops, Tours and Events).

Salon businesses with Multiple services.

Wine tasting and tours.

Doctor/Therapist consultations.

City/Local Tours.

Covid affected stores - we send Store Locations, as well as create and send Zoom/Google meet links to the customers along with the confirmation Emails.

1-on-1/Group Coaching and Mentoring platforms.

If you still have any queries or concerns, please send us an Email at: or schedule a call with us.

Updated on: 11/04/2024

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