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What all features do I get on Appointo - Pro Plan?

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Our Pro plan is the most basic paid plan on Appointo. It gives you access to all the features on our Free plan as well as other essential features to manage your business, with ease. Such as, Google/Outlook calendar integration, Zoom integration, Email Sender Verification, Changing Calendar color and much more.

Functionalities provided on our Pro plan:

  1. All the features available on our Free plan

    Unlimited bookings | Multi-Language Support | Rescheduling and Cancellation - from Admin | Manual Bookings - from Admin | Blocking Certain Days |Timezone support
  2. On our Pro plan, you can change the calendar color, to match your store theme.

  3. Add unlimited number of Products and take unlimited bookings.

  4. Email/Text Reminders:
    Enable Email/Text Reminders for your customers on our Pro plan, for ease of mind; since our System automatically sends the reminders, based on the set conditions. Gone are the days when merchants used to sit and Manually send reminders to their customers.

  5. Integrate Google/Outlook Calendar with Appointo:
    You can integrate your Google/Outlook Calendar to Appointo, as we automatically sync all your Appointments to your calendars, you don't miss out on any booking.

  6. Zoom Integration:
    You can also integrate your Zoom account with Appointo on our Pro plan.

  7. Automatically send meeting links:
    For Online consultations/classes/events, you can easily connect your Zoom/Google calendar account with Appointo, and set the location to Zoom/Google Meet. Post which, our system would automatically generate a meeting link, for every booked appointment. This would save a lot of time for our merchants, and ensure a smooth and automated setup, for bookings.

  8. Adding Team members:
    You can also add your team members to Appointo on our Pro plan, at an additional $8 per team member, so that you can work along with your team. Also, team members get their separate dashboard outside of Shopify from where they can manage the services assigned and also manage their bookings.

  9. You can connect your Email Sender(Your company Email address) to Appointo and our system sends out all the Email confirmation/reminders using the same Email address.

If you still have any queries or concerns, please send us an Email at: [email protected] or schedule a call with us.

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