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I do not want to add product or I want to take free bookings?
I do not want to add product or I want to take free bookings?

Can I add appointment booking option without the checkout flow?

Updated over a week ago

Yes, it's possible. With the below configuration, customers can skip the checkout step and schedule an appointment directly.

What's the best use-case for the above feature?

For example, if the product for which you would like to take appointments is free, with the above option activated, customers will select the respective time and that slot will be booked for the customer. Customers do not need to go to the checkout flow process. We recommend this feature to use only if the product is free of cost.

How to activate the feature?

  1. Click on 'Manage' for the product(Appointo > Appointments > Manage) and Check the 'Skip payment for this product' box.

  2. Everything else (Availability, Group Appointment Settings, Reminder Settings, etc.) is the same as before.

How is the experience from customers' point of view?

Experience is almost similar. Customers will click on the 'Schedule Your Time' Button and the Booking Calendar will popup. Once the customer selects a slot and confirms, they will be asked to fill their email, name and phone number. Once confirmed, an appointment slot will be booked.

If you still have any queries or concerns, please send us an Email at: [email protected] or schedule a call with us.

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