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Increase your upsell, sell Add-ons with Appointo

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With our latest Add-ons feature, you can sell multiple items/add-ons, right from the calendar window, when the customer select the booking slot.
Add-ons will be very useful for stores, looking to:

  1. Increase their product upsell, when the customer is doing the bookings

  2. Event spaces(Where the customer could add the tables/chairs/event rental items)

  3. Gym/Sports arena(The customers can place a rental order for Gears, Equipment)

  4. Salon(The customer can add more services to their existing booking)

  5. Travel Bookings(Where the customer can add travel gear, meal packages)

By default, the Add-on feature only works on the newer version of our calendar(Calendar 2.0)


  1. Head over to Appointo > Appointments > Manage > Show > Scroll down to 'Add-ons'.

  2. Click on the '+' button, next to the Add-on and search for the services that you would like to offer as an Add-on.

Now, click on the Save button for the add-on configuration and then Save the product configuration, and you will be all set. Adding a screenshot of the same below:

Also, we have added a short self-help video of our widgets feature below to help you set it up easily:

If you still have any queries or concerns, please send us an Email at: [email protected] or schedule a call with us.

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