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What all features do I get on Appointo - Advanced plan

Updated over a week ago

Our Advanced plan is the highest plan offered on Appointo. It gives you access to all the features on our Free plan, Pro plan, Premium Plan and also access to our Advanced features. Such as, Add-ons, Widgets and Customer Portal customization.

Functionalities provided on our Advanced plan:

  1. All the features available on our Free plan:

    Unlimited bookings | Multi-Language Support | Rescheduling and Cancellation - from Admin | Manual Bookings - from Admin | Blocking Certain Days |Timezone support
  2. All the features available on our Pro plan:

    Unlimited number of Products and Bookings | Changing Calendar Color | Integrate Google/Outlook Calendar with Appointo | Zoom Integration | Automatically send meeting links | Adding Team members | Email/Text Reminders | Email Sender Verification
  3. All the features available on our Premium plan:

    Group Appointments | Custom Questions | Workflows | Customer Reschedule and Cancel
  4. Add-ons on Appointo:
    With our latest Add-ons feature, you can sell multiple items/add-ons, right from the calendar window, when the customer select the booking slot. Add-ons help you with upselling other products along with appointment bookings.

  5. With Widgets, you can embed to show the calendar for multiple/all/specific product on a page of your choosing, on your Shopify store. Using widgets, you can let your customers book a slot from other pages, by showing a customized and easy to access widgets from where your customers can make bookings for one, specific or all products from your store, from a single page.

  6. Customer Portal Change:
    With all the advanced features on Appointo, you also get the ability to customize your Customer Portal, so that whenever your customers go to the customer portal, they can see the customer portal matching your store theme and also the language of your choice. To make changes to the customer portal, please follow the below mentioned steps:
    - Head over to Appointo > General Settings > Customer Portal
    - Here, you can add the Background color, Button color(of the buttons that are shown), and also your Store Locale(to show your default store language).

    - I am also adding a screenshot of the setting below for easier reference:

    appointo customer portal change
  7. Smooth Onboarding and Priority Support: For all the customers, on our advanced plan, we offer priority support, and a dedicated account manager, who works with you to learn about your requirements and helps you with setting things up.

If you still have any queries or concerns, please send us an Email at: [email protected] or schedule a call with us.

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