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I want to make changes to the calendar invite. How can I do that?I wish to update the calendar invite sent to the user
I want to create a manual booking for my customer?I get phone calls to do booking on behalf of my customer. How can i do that?
Can I create a form or ask questions to my customers before booking?I want to ask certain questions to my customers before the booking is completed
What is Workflows? How can I set it up?How can I send tailored text messages/Emails to my customers?
Can I allow customers to Reschedule/Cancel their booking?I want the customers to be able to reschedule and cancel their booking
Do you support Calendar integration?I want to connect my google/outlook calendar with Appointo
Do you support Zoom integration?I want to create automated links using zoom
I do not want to add product or I want to take free bookings?Can I add appointment booking option without the checkout flow?
How do I add calendar to any page?I want the calendar to visible on pages other than product page
Multi day bookingI want to take bookings for days instead of a time. Ex. rental business
Teams in AppointoHow can i add more team members to Appointo, purchase team members and also assign them to a service
Cancel/Reschedule an Appointment from AdminI want to cancel and reschedule appointment in admin. How can I do that?
Widgets on AppointoEmbedding multiple/different calendars on any page of your store
Add-ons on AppointoIncrease your upsell, sell Add-ons with Appointo
Embedding the Appointo calendar on a page in ShopifyHow can I embed the Appointo calendar to a page in Shopify?