Can I limit the number of events in a day?

Is it possible to set limit on maximum number of bookings for each day? For example, I want max 3 bookings everyday but I want to give more time options to choose to my customers

Yes, it is possible to support the above requirement through Appointo. Through the following settings, now you can limit the max number of events per day. For example, if the following setting is true and set to '1', Only 1 event will be allowed per day. After that, it will show that day as unavailable.

How to set it up?

1. Click on 'Products' tab -> 'Manage' for the respective product

2. Click on 'Show' for the variant you would like to set max day limit

3. Click on 'Enable Max Events in a day' and set the value for 'Max events in a day'

If you have any question regarding above or any confusion regarding the experience, please send us a mail at or schedule a 1:1 call with us through this Calendly event. We try our best to respond to all queries within 24-48 hours.