Can I show Appointment booking modal at the homepage?

I want to show Appointo's booking modal to the homepage. Does Appointo support that?

It is not supported by default as of now. Appointo adds the scheduling option only in the product page. In the product page, Appointo overrides the 'Add to Cart' option to 'Schedule Your Time'.

Possible solution

  1. Instead of 'Add to Cart' button, please change that button text to 'Book Now' and redirect the user to the product's page
  2. In product's page, Appointo booking modal works as expected

If this is something you are not looking for, we do support custom changes specifically for the store in our 'Enterprise' plan. Please reach out to us via app's chat support or mail us at to discuss your requirements. You can also schedule a 1:1 call with us through this Calendly event.