Do you support all themes?

Does Appointo Support all Shopify themes? I have a custom theme built for my store. Will Appointo support that?

In 95% of the cases, Appointo supports Shopify themes and is integrated smoothly but there are few scenarios where it might not be supported by default. That implies, Appointo's booking modal will not show in your store but the above situation can be managed smoothly.

Common issues for theme support

  1. Appointo's app code does not support store's theme code by default
  2. There is another Shopify app which is currently not integrated with Appointo and is conflicting with the usage

How to fix it?

In above scenario, please reach out to us via app's chat option or you can mail us at so that our engineering team can look into the issue. We will add support for your theme within 24-48 hours and at the free of cost. You can also schedule a call with us via following Calendly link.