How can i add my calendar on the homepage?

I want to add the calendar on the homepage how can i do that

Appointo allows you to add calendar on any page of your site. First add a product to appointo then add that product as a 'Featured Product' in Shopify homepage (Add Featured Product in Shopify)

After you have added a featured product then you would need to edit the theme code. Please go to Online Store -> Actions -> Edit Code. After that search for featuredproduct.liquid file. After that search 'Add to Cart' text and in that button add 'appointo-custom-btn' class and add 'data-appointo-product-handle={{product.handle}}' to that div. Hit 'Save' and after that you should be able to see the button popup

As this a highly technical we can understand it might be confusion for some of you. Please contact us via chat or email( and our team can go in and make the change for your store without any additional cost