How can I allow my customers to cancel and reschedule their appointments?

I want to give my customers an option to reschedule and cancel the appointment. How can I enable that setting?

Yes, you can give your customers  an option to cancel and reschedule the booking. By default, the above settings are off and you can edit the appointment settings to allow customers to reschedule and cancel.

How it works

  1. Click on 'Products' tab and 'Manage' on the respective product.
  2. Click on 'Show' for the variant
  3. Now, you will see 2 new options 'Allow Customers To Reschedule Booking' and 'Allow Customers To Cancel Booking'. Check the above options to enable the above setting.
Screenshot 2021-06-13 at 5.19.56 PM.png
  1. Once a customer books an appointment, they will receive a 'reschedule link'(if on) and 'cancel link'(if on) in the confirmation mail.
Screenshot 2021-06-13 at 5.27.24 PM.png

5. Once cancelled or rescheduled, the customer and merchant will both receive an email notification regarding the same.

If you have any question regarding the same, do reach us out via chat's app support or send us a mail at