I added new variants/changed my variants to the product and it's currently not showing in Appointo or in my store?

New changes to my product are not reflecting in my app? I changed my product's variants and Appointo's booking modal is not working for my store anymore. How can I fix that?

If you have changed the variant settings for the product, it will not be automatically detected by Appointo. In such cases above scenario happens where Appointo's booking modal stops working or new changes are directly not reflected in Appointo.

How to fix the above issues?

Above issue can be fixed easily by re-adding the product.

Please follow the below steps for fix:

  1. Click on 'Products' tab
  2. Click on 'Remove' for the product you are facing the issue
  3. Click on 'Add Products to Appointo' and add the same product again
  4. Click on 'Manage' for the product and verify appointment settings for all the variants. settings for old variants will be retained and for new variants, setting needs to be added again.

If you have any questions regarding the above or any confusion regarding the experience, please send us a mail at support@sidepanda.com or schedule a 1:1 call with us through this Calendly event. We try our best to respond to all queries within 24-48 hours.