In cart page, currently there are extra line item properties '_timezone' and '_start_time' being added. How can I hide/remove those?

Can I hide the new line items added by the Appointo?

By default, any line item properties starting with '_' are known as hidden line item properties. It means those line item properties will not be visible in your cart page but will be hidden. Both fields are essential for Appointo to function correctly.

If you are seeing above line item properties in your store, it implies hidden line item properties functionality is not supported by your theme. In that case, it is extremely easy to add support for the same.

Please following the steps mentioned in the following Shopify forum link. Otherwise, contact us via app's chat support or email us at so that we can guide you with the above process and help you set it up. You can also schedule a 1:1 call with us through this Calendly event.

Once the above setting is added to your theme, it will work as expected and above line item properties will be hidden in the cart page.