What do I get in Teams Plan?

Features that are available in Appointo's Team Plan

What is New in Teams?

1. You can add/edit team members directly to Appointo Dashboard and can assign each team member the products/variants.

2. Separate Dashboard (outside of Shopify) for team members to manage their appointments. Once added to the team, each team member can log in to the Appointo's web dashboard which is outside of Shopify portal. Therefore, you don't need to add team members to Shopify admin. (Dashboard link: https://app.appointo.me/web)

3. Team members will only be able to view products and booking assigned to them. Shopify admin will be able to view all the bookings.

4. From the customer's point of view, everything will remain the same and they will not feel any difference in booking the appointments.

5. All Appointo features (like Group booking, email reminders, email customizations etc) are supported in Teams Plan.

If you have any question regarding above or any confusion regarding the experience, please send us a mail at support@sidepanda.com or schedule a 1:1 call with us through this Calendly event. We try our best to respond to all queries within 24-48 hours.