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I want to create a manual booking for my customer?

In cases, a customer reaches out to you and asks you to book them in Manually, in that case, you can easily use the Manual Booking feature in Appointo to book your customer in.

Here’s how you can create a Manual Booking for your customer:

Head over to Appointo > Bookings > Manual Booking > Select Product/Variant > Select Customer > Select the 'Date and Time-slot' > Book and you will be able to book your customers in Manually.

Note: When to use the Override availability for this link or Create draft orders check-boxes?

Override availability check-box: To be only used if you are trying to book in the customer, for a slot which is already booked, or for a different time, which differs from your availability. Enabling the check-box opens up everything on your calendar, without considering your setup/configuration.

Create Draft Orders check-box: To be only used, if you would like to collect the payment from the customer, for the booking. In this case, you can collect the payment by heading over to Shopify > Orders > Draft Orders > Send Invoice/Collect Payment button.

Also, adding a video explaining the entire process below:

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Updated on: 11/04/2024

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