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Deposits on Draft Orders (Draft Order Flow)

Depo can also help you with taking deposits on draft orders which are created through Admin, wherein, you can simply take deposits by adding the 'depo' tag to any draft order that you are creating, or for existing draft orders in your store.

IMPORTANT Note for Draft Order Flow:
1. The tag 'depo' should be added to the order.
2. The draft order should be created against a customer profile.

How it works:

As soon as the tag 'depo' is added, the order starts showing up in the Depo app.

Now you can just head over to Depo > Orders > Manage Order > Charge Pending Payment(adjust the amount to Deposit Amount) > Send Invoice and from here you can decide the initial Deposit amount that you want to charge the customers.

After the initial payment is received, based on your store's charge policy, you can again head over to Depo > Orders > Manage Order > Charge Pending Payment > Send Invoice and you will be able to send an invoice to collect the remaining payment as well.

Also, adding a short self-help video on the same which will help you with the steps to be followed:

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Updated on: 11/04/2024

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