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Partial Payment Flow (Cart Flow)

With Depo, you can collect deposit payments (X% of the product price, or any fixed value Y), for the orders placed by your customers on the online store.
For the remaining balance, you can send your customers an invoice, from the Orders section in Depo and have them pay the remaining amount later, through the Invoice.

Note: (Cart Flow - Redirects to the cart page in Shopify)


To set this up correctly, follow the below mentioned steps:

Head over to Depo > Plans and settings > Store Settings > Store Flow > Select 'Cart' > Save.

Head over to Depo > Add Product > Manage > Add Payment Option > Select the Deposit Amount(X% or Y) > Confirm and you will be all set with Deposit.

By default, the Full Payment option is enabled; however, if you just want your customers to pay a deposit upfront and rest of the amount later, you can disable the Full payment option by clicking on the check-box for the same and you will be good to go.

Here is a video that will help you with it

Remaining Balance Charge:

To charge the pending payment, you would need to head over to Depo > Orders > Manage Order > Charge Pending Payment > Send Invoice and an invoice would be sent to the customer, using which they can pay the remaining balance.

Adding a video of the same below for your quick reference:

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Updated on: 11/04/2024

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